A retro 8 Bit game made for the Mini Jam 33: Underwater with limited NES palette.
You answer the call of Cthulhu and your objective is to awaken him, dash through the bubbles and find the ancient rune.

Movement: WASD or Arrows
Dash: J
Jump: Space


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I absolutely love this! Everything from the 8-bit look to the mechanics. It's hard, but in an entertaining "just one more try" way, not an offputting way. So good, thank you for making this!

Hi, I am the artist and animator of this game and I appreciate a lot your comment and thanks for playing our game! :D

GREAT GAME :D I recommend to you watch this video: "art of screenshake" or other videos about game juice. Good work

Thanks for playing of game, and thanks for the recommendation we appreciate that!

Good game I had fun.

Wow! Thank you for playing the game and sharing the gameplay, we really appreciate that! This feedback is really important to us to see our mistakes and improve our skills. Especially tutorial and level design. Thanks again! :D

Awesome game mecanic, made very well, great adventure , hard at end !  Good job 

Thanks for playing! We are glad you enjoyed it :D